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Welcome to, the place to find the best high-speed fiber optic Internet in your area. We have compiled what we believe is the most informative, useful and extensive list of fiber optic Internet providers on the web. Fiber Optic Internet is great for both home and business use. If you need to connect to the Internet, (And who doesn’t these days?) why not connect using the best technology? – Fiber Optic Internet!

Fiber optic technology has revolutionized communications with the knowledge that light shone down a very thin strand of glass or plastic can carry immense amounts of data using very little space, energy and cost. Cable companies are switching from coaxial cable to fiber optic and telecommunications companies are switching from copper wire to fiber optic. Many of the Internet-only companies have started out using fiber optic.

Fiber optic cable is being used to replace copper wire, which has been in use in telecommunications since before the invention of the telephone. Copper wire was used in telegraph lines since the early 1800s. It is long past the age where it should be retired. In a lot of areas old copper wire is being replaced with optical fiber. However it is a costly endeavor. The cost is not so much in the actual fiber optic cables but in the labor costs to lay the fiber cables in crowded and built up neighborhoods.

Cable and telecom companies use fiber optic cable for Internet, telephone, and video. The different fiber optic Internet providers call their fiber optic offering by different names but it all uses the same technology. AT&T calls their fiber optic service U-verse. Frontier uses the name Fios, Earthlink calls theirs HyperLink, and Cincinnati Bell has Fioptics. No matter what you call it, it is light traveling down very thin strands of plastic or glass to bring data to Internet users at the speed of light.

The particles of light (photons) traveling down a fiber optic cable have been compared to a bobsled zipping down an ice track, bouncing off the sides, but staying on course. Fiber optic cables have also been compared to a high-tech tin can phone.

Fiber optic cables enable the light to bend as the cable bends without significant data loss. Each fiber optic strand is less than one tenth the thickness of a human hair. One fiber optic strand can carry around 25,000 calls at one time. A fiber optic cable generally has many glass or plastic strands and can have millions of phone calls traveling through them at one time.

With speeds up to 2 Gbps fiber optic is the #1 choice when looking for the fastest Internet in your local area.